“Obama’s America 2016” Movie Showing 08/27/12

The movie “Obama’s America 2016” is being shown at the Northridge Cinema. The Hilton Head TEA Party will host a viewing on Monday, August 27 starting at 4:30 PM with a gathering outside the theater prior to the 5:10 PM showing. 

Please join us for a fun evening!
The show times each day through Thursday (unless a lot of people go and demand it to stay longer 08/30/12) will be as followed:
12:50 pm
3:00 pm
5:10 pm
7:20 pm
9:30 pm
Prices were as followed (for all movies):
Before 6 pm – $6
After 6 pm – $8
Seniors after 6 pm – $6.50

Paid for and authorized by the Beaufort County Republican Party.

Not Authorized by any Candidate or Candidate's Committee.