First Monday Republicans 4/7/2014 Full House Expected

Dear Colleagues:

Just to let you know that, so far, six of the eight Republican candidates for the SC Supt. of Ed. have confirmed they will attend. And, I expect that the other two will as well.

With 8 candidates speaking, it will be necessary to extend the meeting to about 1:30 PM.

Other than the Governor, this is one of the most important positions that we will vote for in the June 10th Republican Primary. So far, there is only one Democrat running. (The other one just dropped out). Meaning,that during our Primary, which Democrats are allowed to vote in,they will come out, vote in the Republican primary and vote for the weakest or most liberal Republican candidate. As they did in 2010.

It is important that we vote for the most qualified Republican candidate who, hopefully, will not only win the Primary, but will win in November as well and be an effective Supt. of Ed.

Most of the Republican candidates are not known to us. So, the importance of hearing what they stand for and what they say is why you should attend. And what you learn needs to be passed on by you to your friends and neighbors.

BTW. We expect a full house (approx. 115 to 120) so come early to get a seat. If you arrive at noon, as was the case of a number of people at our March 3rd meeting, you may have to stand.

NewsLetter will follow around March 31st.


Tom Hatfield

Paid for and authorized by the Beaufort County Republican Party.

Not Authorized by any Candidate or Candidate's Committee.