May 5th- Hilton Head Island 1st Monday Republican Lunch Group

Sorry for the late NewsLetter, but wanted to wait until we got the final tally
on our speakers. To say the least, this will be an eclectic group of speakers.

As always, we will meet on Monday, May 5th (promptly) at noon at Aunt
Chiladas Restaurant and reservations are not required. Come early to get a
good seat. We expect 60 to 80 attendees. Lunch is $10.00 beverage, tax, and
tip included with usually five items on the menu to choose from.

We will have a number of Republican candidate speakers which include (in
no particular order):

SC Superintendent of Education: Ms. Amy Cofield, (Who was not able to
attend last month’s meeting).

Beaufort County Council District 11: Ms. Lauren Martel and Mr. Stu Rodman.

Beaufort County Auditor: Mr. Jim Beckert and Mr. George Wright.

Beaufort County Treasurer: Ms. Maria Walls

Each will be given about 8 minutes to speak with a Q & A to follow.


Recently at a breakfast meeting with our Senator Tim Scott, columnist, author
and frequently seen on Fox News, Mr. Jim Geraghty said that these elections in 2014
may be the most important ever relative to the direction that America takes in the
next few decades. To paraphrase, he said America has two basic choices; the
entitlement path we are now taking under the Obama and Democrat administration
or the one intended by our founding fathers. Meaning, to me, we need to choose
GOOD Republican candidates on June 10th and then to do everything we can to
support them in November to bring America back on the road to prosperity and
respect in the world.

Not in over ten years have Republicans had such a golden opportunity to do what is
right for America. Hope you agree and can help.

Tom 843-681-2170

Paid for and authorized by the Beaufort County Republican Party.

Not Authorized by any Candidate or Candidate's Committee.