Jasper County rescinds support of Bluffton Parkway 5B state funding application

Bluffton Today Blogs: By Scott Thompson on Tue, 06/16/2015

After initially endorsing it, Jasper County Council voted Monday to rescind support for an application for state funding for the Bluffton Parkway Phase 5B project.

Jasper County administrator Andrew Fulghum sent a letter Tuesday to S.C. Transportation Infrastructure Bank chairman Don Leonard and S.C. Department of Transportation Commission chairman James Rozier informing them of the panel’s decision.

The town of Bluffton currently has a funding application for the realignment of 2.5 miles of the parkway between Buck Island Road and Buckwalter Parkway, which has been projected to cost around $30 million. While the project has been proposed for more than a decade, it has never been paid for.

Fulghum said last week he and Jasper County Council chairwoman Barbara Clark had previously authored letters of support for the project that were requested by the town.

However, he said recent division on the plan among Beaufort County Council and the contention the project could jeopardize funding for Jasper’s application for construction work at the future Exit 3 at Interstate 95.


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