Trump at Sun City Hilton Head 7/21/15

By John Dwyer, July 22,2015

The Trump event in Sun City went off beautifully.  We were full to capacity in both Magnolia Hall and Pickney Hall with over 1,000 in attendance.  We had more media and security and volunteers and excitement for this event, I thought I was at a premier movie opening.

We even had protesters who were well behaved, unlike the protester when I came home from Vietnam.  It was typical hot July day in Bluffton.  Since we had water and when I was walking by I offered them to take some.

We had people lined up at 7:30 in the morning and when the doors opened at 9:30 we had about 200 on line.

Special thanks to Sherri Zedd and Richard Geraghty  for all their efforts to make this event successful.

Here is the whole speech. It’s a spectacle and well worth the time.  Enjoy.

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