SC gambled and lost – and you owe $7 billion.

Curtis Loftis

By: Curtis Loftis,
Treasurer, State of South Carolina

Over the last 10 years at least $7 billion of your money has been lost due to poor investment performance by the SC Investment Commission.

The Commission was created to invest your tax and retirement money. They gambled when they chose a complicated, expensive, “cutting edge” investment plan and they lost.

They rolled the dice and now you must pay their $7 billion dollar loss.

A simple but diversified selection of “indexed” funds would have made over $7 billion more than their “cutting edge” investment plan. In fact, the Investment Commission’s plan has ranked in the bottom 10% for 10 years in a row!

Even worse, their 10-year investment returns are dead last! That’s right, none of our peers have made less money than South Carolina.

Paying the Commission’s losses will require your taxes be raised or your existing tax dollars be diverted from roads, schools, police and health care to cover their $7 billion loss. It will require raising the retirement contributions; in fact, those raises are already scheduled.

There is more to this story and unfortunately it gets worse. I am not asking for money or votes, but I am asking that you study this issue so we can keep the retirement debt from consuming state government.

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