The BCRP Honors Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

At the October 15 regular meeting of the BeaufortcCounty Republican Party Chairmen Jim Riordan presented the Party’s Resolution of Appreciation to Beaufort County law enforcement agencies.

Beaufort Federation of Republican Men President and retired Holyoke, Mass. Police Chief, Anthony Scott, spoke eloquently about the value of all law enforcement agencies especially under the current conditions of adversity encouraged by small groups with an anti law enforcement agenda.

The following representatives of the agencies received a plaque containing the resolution:

PJ Tanner – Sheriff
Ryan Neill – Captain (SLED)
Travis Manley – Captain (SLED)
Gentry Thames – Captain (DNR)
Matt Clancy – Chief (Beaufort Police Dept)
Joey Reynolds – Chief (Bluffton Police Dept)
Alan Beach – Chief (Port Royal Police Dept)

*Note*: Chief Beach was unable to attend the ceremony.

The plaques read:

The Beaufort County Republican Party



Beaufort County Law Enforcement Agencies

WHEREAS, You put your lives in danger daily with very little
hanks or appreciation. The acts of humanity, bravery,
selflessness, and kindness that are shown to others are seldom
seen, heard, or recognized and.

WHEREAS, We also recognize all of the people who support,
love and encourage you. The wives, husbands, mothers, fathers
and children who give up family time so that you can work the
long hours that are often necessary for you to do your jobs and,

WHEREAS, We also want to recognize all of the people who
support the sworn officers in staff positions, such as crime scene
technicians, dispatchers, evidence clerks, record clerks, secretaries
and people of all job descriptions that make it possible for the
sworn officers to do their jobs and,

WHEREAS, For those who have made the ultimate sacrifice
and laid down their lives in the line of duty, our deepest
condolences and prayers go out to their loved ones.
as well as our appreciation for their sacrifice.


The Beaufort County Republican Party on this l7th day of
September, 2015 by unanimous consent affirms our gratitude and
appreciation for the outstanding job that Beaufort County Law
Enforcement Agencies perform tor the citizens of our county.

Paid for and authorized by the Beaufort County Republican Party.

Not Authorized by any Candidate or Candidate's Committee.