Convention Time in SC

SC 2016 State Conv

An Important Message
from SCGOP Chairman Matt Moore

Fellow Republican,

In accordance with state law and S.C. Republican Party Rules, and on behalf of the State Executive Committee and Congressional District Executive committees, it is my pleasure to announce the convening of the 2016 State Convention [May 7] and Congressional District conventions [1st Cong. Dist. April 16].

Delegates and alternates elected by their counties to the 2015 State Convention shall serve as delegates and alternates to the 2016 State and Congressional District conventions. Business at each convention will include election of national delegates and alternates and other officers.

All candidates for national delegate MUST have served as a 2015 state delegate or alternate. Please also note that ALL candidates for national delegate must register not later than 12:00 p.m. NOON one week before their Congressional District Convention or the State Convention. Each Congressional District shall elect three (3) national delegates and three (3) national alternates. The state convention shall elect twenty-six (26) national delegates and twenty-six (26) national alternates.

***Please register for Congressional District convention based on your place of residence.***

First Congressional District

10:00 a.m. – Saturday, April 16, 2016
Orange Grove Charter School
1225 Orange Branch Road, Charleston, SC 29407
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Paid for and authorized by the Beaufort County Republican Party.

Not Authorized by any Candidate or Candidate's Committee.