How the 50 South Carolina Republican Delegate are Chosen


The Precinct

It all starts with the Precinct. The precinct is not just the place where you vote. The precinct is the neighborhood or group of neighborhoods in which you are able to organize, to participate as an individual, and influence the political process. It’s also where delegate selection begins.

In any political party including the Republican Party, the voting precinct is the foundation. In South Carolina the basic organizational unit of the precinct is called the Precinct Committee.

In every non-general election (odd numbered) year, Organized Precinct Committees in each precinct meet in a Reorganization Meeting in March.

Precinct Committee members for each precinct elect a Precinct President, Executive Committeeman, a Secretary, and elects a delegate plus an alternate delegate to the County Convention.

The County Convention

In every non-general election year a Republican Party County Convention is held in April.

The delegates to the County Convention (selected at the Precinct Organization Meeting) elect the county party officers and elect the delegates and alternate delegates to the State and Congressional District Conventions.

(1 County Delegate and 1 Alternate Delegate are elected for each 6,000 people in the county)

The Congressional District Convention (21 Delegates)

A Congressional District Convention is held in every Presidential election year in each of the seven South Carolina Congressional Districts prior to the state convention.

Each of the seven District Conventions elects 3 three delegates and 3 alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention from among the County delegates elected at the County Convention.

The State Convention (29 Delegates)

A State Convention is held in May of every non-general election year and in general election years after the presidential preference primary and following the seven Congressional District Conventions.

The State Convention is composed of delegates elected at the County Conventions.

The State Convention elects the state chairman and first vice-chairman.

In general election years the State Convention elects a national committeeman, a national committeewoman, 26 at-large delegates, and 26 alternate at-large delegates to the Republican National Convention from among the state delegates elected at the County Conventions.

The 26 at large delegates elected at the State Convention plus the 21 national convention delegates elected at the District Conventions plus the State Chairman, the National Committeeman, and the National Committeewoman bring the total South Carolina Delegates to the National Republican Convention to a total of 50 SC Delegates.

This is a summary derived from the rules of the Republican Party for the purpose of helping Republicans understand how the delegates to the Republican National Convention are chosen. It is not intended nor can it be considered to effect, augment, or modify those rules in any way. Click here to view the rules in their entirety.

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