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Something new on the BCRP Web Site

By Jon Smith, Web Site Administrator, 6/12/2016

You may have noticed on certain posts that there is a link to add your comment to the post. Please go ahead and either post your own comment or reply to any previous comments concerning the original post.

This is the first part of something new on the BCRP Web Site. We intend to improve our communication and at the same time learn about the opinions and concerns of those who visit the BCRP Web Site.

Beginning on or about June 15 we will provide an opportunity for folks to express themselves on the site with matters of opinion and for others to comment in response. It will be an interactive page similar to a newspaper editorial page with letters to the editor to which you are able to respond.

Please be patient. There may be glitches to be repaired. Web site programming can be tricky.

We will start with a series of articles written by selected local authors. Readers will be encouraged to respond with comments. The intent is to promote a reasoned dialog.

When you open an article, read through to the end, and you will find a place to post your comment. Others may also reply to your comments.

Along the side of the post you will see a link to submit a post. If you wish, you may submit articles, letters, and essays on topics of interest. Your email address is required to submit a post but will NOT be displayed or shared. You will also have to answer a simple arithmetic problem to prove you are a person and not a BOT (Web Robot).

For obvious reasons articles and comments will be reviewed for content. We expect visitor submissions to be reasoned and respectful. Personal attacks, rude, or inflammatory comments will be rejected. There are lots of sites where people can “vent their spleen”. This is not one of them. Opinions can be passionate but they must also be tempered with respect. That requires that all comments and articles be screened prior to posting. So if you submit a comment and it is not displayed immediately, it probably means that it has not yet been reviewed.

Furthermore, this is the official Website of the Beaufort County South Carolina Republican Party and we must include the disclaimer that the opinions expressed are those of the individual author and not necessarily the official position of the BCRP.

The BCRP Web Site Administrator (me) will be screening the content of all comments and posts. Let us know what you think.


  1. Jim Dickson says:

    Jon, Great work!

    • Beaufort GOP says:

      Thanks, Jim. Still some display and link glitches to fix. Nice to know comments are working.

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