Turning Washington on its Head is Exactly What’s Needed

Wash Upside Down

By Terry Wade,

I worked for my first Republican candidate in 1969 and, with the exception of a decade-long hiatus as a journalist, I have voted for, contributed to and worked for Republican candidates up and down the ticket, including having the honor of playing a small part in helping to elect both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

There have been some difficult times for the party during those years. Watergate comes to mind and the slaughter of Republicans in the 1974 Congressional election where the Democrats won 49 Republican House seats. None of those difficulties compare to where we are as a Party today. And we couldn’t have chosen a worse time for such a crisis.

The country is at a crossroads. We Republicans are kidding ourselves if we believe electing Obama twice was a fluke. It is clear there are huge numbers of Americans who support bigger government programs and Federal interference in every aspect of our lives. Obama has the nation headed toward a future that bears a striking resemblance to the type of socialism that has destroyed many nations in the last century.

All that stands between the continuance of that trend are Republican and conservative voters. Tragically, just when the country needs us most, many Republicans are walking away altogether or, just as damaging, determined to vote for a third party.

I have many Republican friends, men and women, who have worked long and hard for Republican causes, who agree with me on the state of the nation, but steadfastly refuse to support Donald Trump. The conservatives are concerned he isn’t really a conservative and, “moderate” Republican attitudes are characterized by the comment of one of my best friends when he said of Trump, “I despise him.”

Like many of you, Donald Trump is not my first choice, but he will be the Republican nominee. As a 19th Century writer once opined, “politics ain’t bean bag,” and Mr. Trump ran the gauntlet and won fair and square and in the process he energized a large portion of the American electorate.

I don’t know what kind of president he will be. I know, considering his success, he must put really good people around him, something Ronald Reagan knew he needed to do. I know he is clearly loved by his family, which says a lot about a person. He appears to be respected by his employees, otherwise we would have heard to the contrary by now. I know by not voting or voting for someone else we will continue down the path toward an America that none of my Republican friends want. Finally, I know he is not Hillary Clinton!

After living there for 40 years I know for certain that turning Washington on its head is exactly what is needed. I can’t guarantee Mr. Trump will do that, but four more years of Bill and Hillary? Well, use your imagination.

Terry Wade served in several positions with the national Republican Party during the Reagan Administration including chief of staff of the Republican National Committee in 1987 and 1988. He has owned property in Beaufort county for almost 20 years and lived full or part-time in the County since 2006.

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