Thanks from Duffie Stone

Duffy Stone

To those of you that voted for me Tuesday, thank you. I cannot adequately express my feelings for the support you showed me. I was, and continue to be, overwhelmed.

You have allowed me to continue the career that I went to law school to pursue over thirty years ago. I do not know of any profession that is more fulfilling than that of a prosecutor. As I said during the campaign, for me it is not a job or a political position. It is a calling.

To both those who voted for me and to those that did not, I make three promises. First, I will continue to strive everyday to earn your confidence and your trust. Second, I will make decisions based entirely on what I think is right. Politics will have no roll.

And finally, in the words of our state’s Republican Creed, “I will continue to take the calculated risk to dream and to build… ”

Thank you so very much.

Yours sincerely.
Duffie Stone

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