‘Anybody but Trump’ means America loses — again


“The difference between a welfare state and a totalitarian state is a matter of time.”

By Mike Raymond, June 20, 2016

These wise words from Ayn Rand have been confirmed time and again throughout history. As people become more dependent upon government to provide for their needs, they are forced to abandon personal liberties and bestow ever more ruling authority on their governors. At some point they are not ruled — they are overruled.

During this campaign season the opposition party has made it perfectly clear it intends to become the undisputed champion of welfare handouts. In order to achieve that, wealth redistribution will be vigorously pursued. Income inequality will be leveled — not because it’s unfair, but because it’s easily sold as unfair. Giveaway programs will be funded by takeaway policies. Equal outcomes will take precedent over equal opportunities. Personal liberty will take a backseat to general public welfare and our government will continue to move further away from its founding principles. This is the vision of the Democrat Party: Fundamentally change America.

You can avoid reality but you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.

More words of wisdom from Rand. For those frustrated with the primary nomination process and the choice at hand, they might be translated this way: You can avoid voting for the Republican candidate but you cannot escape the results of your inaction. Remember, establishment candidates McCain and Romney were not embraced — and as disgruntled Republicans sat on the sidelines, our country plunged ever deeper into liberalism for eight long years.

It’s true the Republican Party is in flux and the nomination of Donald Trump is partially a result of frustration with leadership. Ironically, that might be just the point. Perhaps he’s not the ideal guy, but nobody’s in love with the current leadership either! One thing’s for sure: If we get behind him our party will change — this time we will win.

Mike Raymond writes a weekly column on national politics for Morris Publications. He is currently board chairman of the Bluffton Township Fire District and former Bluffton councilman.


  1. Jim Dickson says:

    As always, Mike is right on target!

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