We have No Other Choice

Jim Dickson

By Jim Dickson
Beaufort, SC
June 22, 2016

I will be the first to admit that I was not a Donald Trump supporter.

Like most of you, I was totally surprised when he defeated several highly qualified candidates in the primary. The reality today is that he will be the Republican nominee, like it or not.

Therefore the time has come for Republicans to vote with their heads, not their hearts.

The death of Justice Scalia has changed everything! Unless we unite behind Trump, Republicans stand not only to lose the Presidency, but very possibly the United States Senate and with that the next three or four Supreme Court nominations. The Dems are already talking about nominating such people as Barrack Obama, Erick Holder and Elizabeth Warren. Think what that would mean to the future of our county!

We have five at-risk Senate seats, all in purple states, and add to that the seat that Senator Rubio will vacate. The Democrats only need four of those seats to retake the Senate majority. With a Democrat in the White House, a Senate majority and with six liberal justices on the court, we can say good bye to reform of Obama Care, Dodd-Frank, Second Amendment rights, and America as we have known it, and say hello to a massive increase in government spending, single payer health care, and control of every aspect of our lives.

Proving a point to the Republican establishment by not voting is the same as a vote for Hillary. Supporting a third party candidate will split the Republican vote and assure a win for the Dems.

The Democrats have never had worse candidates, both are fatally flawed. Now more than ever we need to reject anger, emotion, and bitterness and work to elect Donald Trump. We have no other choice.

Jim Dickson is the Beaufort County South Carolina Republican Party State Committeeman


  1. Donald has always been our best choice. Clearly the vast majority of the Republican base understood this. We have No other choice is hardly an endorsement. For me see how self righteous the GOP has become is a sad departure of what once made it great.
    Paul and Julie Michau

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