Trump’s Message: Powerful & Positive In Its Simplicity

Trump Hand

By Laura Fanelli, June 27, 2016

Well no one can deny this has been a roller coaster of a political season and we still have five months to go until Election Day. Every parent at one time or another, as a point of career encouragement has told their child, in America, anyone can grow up and be President.

And they are right. This political season started over one year ago with so many candidates the nationally televised debates had 2 stages. Now, with many primaries completed all but only one candidate has garnered enough votes to be the official nominee of the Republican Party. Many voters are disappointed their candidate didn’t win but that’s the nature of the game. The winner is that one candidate that is the most viable of the pack and has earned the nomination.

It is the responsibility of the party and all its members to support that nominee. Other candidates may have had a different approach, a different platform of ideas, a different personality style but the bottom line is that politics comes down to viability, the candidate with the most powerful message that resonates with voters and the ability to connect on many levels with all segments of the voting public. That’s where we are. Factors within our control but more importantly outside of our control all work to shape an election season—there are no guarantees, no standards, no givens, no constants.

Donald Trump is the party nominee. He has run a marathon of a campaign, run it well and has a message that fills arenas across America. The people that respond to his message are young and old, represent every level of the economic strata, every ethnic group that lives here, working class, retired, military and all are united by his very simple message: Make. America. Great. Again.

Four very powerful words that have been missing the last few years. I am absolutely horrified and disgusted by the actions, vitriol, hatred and physical violence demonstrated by those on the Left. Since when do Americans attack Americans because they disagree? I don’t want to live in a country that continues to indulge in and reward such immature, childish, bullying and destructive behavior.

I will support our party’s nominee because I believe America is already great—she can be greater and all of us can be greater than we are now if government is controlled and limited. Americans are proud of their country and don’t want international apologies to foreign regimes—many of whom have a goal to kill us. I will support our party’s nominee because he has earned it. His message is one of strength, optimism and positivity as well as one of respect: Make America Great Again.

I’m supporting our party’s nominee because I am proud of my country and want to be part of something as powerful as making America great again.


  1. Jim Dickson says:

    If we stay home and don’t vote this time, it’s game over for the country that we all love.

  2. Chuck Newton says:

    Laura, very well written. But I am very conflicted over Trump. You wrote “I don’t want to live in a country that continues to indulge in and reward such immature, childish, bullying and destructive behavior.” And that describes the presumptive GOP nominee pretty well.

    In the end, I will probably vote for him because I can’t vote for Hillary, but I won’t be doing it with a great deal of enthusiasm. I rationalize that all will be ok because we are voting for a President, with checks and balances, and not a king.

    I hope for the country’s sake I’m right.

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