Mark Sanford Comments on FBI Decision

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Our government can only be as strong as there is trust in it. Without this, all breaks down. In that regard, yesterday’s statement by FBI Director James Comey was not only disturbing…it even strikes me as wrong.

The American system is premised on a woman holding the scales of justice as she wears a blindfold. Our country was founded on the equal application of justice. Whether rich or poor, we would be a nation of laws and not men. We are playing with absolute fire to allow other perceptions to take hold, and given trust in the American system is now at play, it would strike me that Comey would want to go the extra mile and simply deliver his findings to the Justice Department. He did not do this.

The tradition and process that has served our country well for a couple hundred years now has been that we have separated investigation and law enforcement from prosecution. For this reason, a local sheriff, the DEA, city police, a federal marshal, or for that matter the FBI may investigate allegations of a crime but then, in an unbiased form, deliver their findings to prosecutorial bodies. Whether a state attorney, district attorney, federal prosecutor, or even the Justice Department….it has been their job, not the investigating body, to take evidence and do something with it.

Most people I have talked to find it very curious that in such strong form the director of the FBI came out as he did…and in so doing gave the Justice Department plenty of reason to do nothing.

In March 2015, Secretary Clinton said, “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.” Well, the FBI has shown otherwise.

This decision is particularly outrageous, given other examples of similar conduct that were prosecuted…like Naval reservist Bryan Nishimura who was fined and given two years of probation for downloading classified military information to his personal device. Or Navy officer Kristian Saucier who faces ten years in prison for taking pictures of his submarine’s engine room on his cell phone.

When General David Petraeus shared classified information – and was fined $100,000, the Obama administration stated that it had a “zero tolerance” policy for dealing with classified information. Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and the rules should be applied the same to Clinton as they are to ordinary citizens, military officers, or other politicians.

The discrepancies between what Clinton said and what the FBI discovered is startling, and shown in the video below. Take a look and send to a friend – I’d be curious to get their thoughts too….

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