Refresher on the Constitution

Hillsdale College

Dear Fellow American,

You’re hearing a lot in the news these days about the presidential candidates for this year’s election. Promises made, assurances given—if only you’ll vote for them. And you’re not alone.

This November, millions will head to the polls, with differing expectations of what their candidate can do for them. How is it possible for so many people to have such different ideas about what the President can and can’t do under the Constitution?

It’s because so many Americans don’t understand the President’s role, especially in light of how the Founders intended it. The Executive Branch was designed to be powerful, but with important—constitutional—constraints.

Therefore, in order to deepen the American people’s understanding of the office of the President, we’ve made popular online course,“The Presidency and the Constitution,” available to you for free.

When you sign up for this course today, you’ll receive the first lesson immediately, with additional lessons to follow in the coming weeks.

I urge you as an American citizen to take this course and deepen your understanding of the proper role of the President in a constitutional republic.

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