Obama’s “Art of the Deal” is also Hillary’s


Br Richard Geraghty, September 12, 2016

At NBC’s Commander in Chief event the Left scoffed at Trump’s claim about running an International global business and knowing many World Leaders qualifies for him for the job.

Where were their concerns when Candidate Barrack H. Obama was running? He had none. Look at the total mess he has contributed to, although Chicago especially the section where he worked as a community organizer resembles a war zone.

BHO traded top terrorists for a traitor, he couldn’t even get all our hostages freed without paying Iran that “all cash ransom”.

He forgot where he made a red line or backed down, ignores Iran violating the treaty in which he gave them every thing they wanted and got nothing much in return. How many people have read Obama’s “Art of the Deal”?

So what if Iran harasses our Navy ships & planes almost daily, your current President thinks he knows how to deal with them.

Yet, Hillary wants to be an extension of his 8 sorry years.

Hilary had a high end job of international importance and proved herself to be incompetent. Either she failed to convince/persuade the President to do things better or is part and parcel of his failed moves. She did not improve anything because she was busy trying to learn how that Russian “restart button works”, how to wipe clean a computer with a cloth, and which end of the hammer you use to destroy her 13 email devices.

Please keep in mind; if Hillary wins, you lose, your children lose, your grandchildren lose, the USA loses, and the free world loses competent leadership.


  1. Paula Power says:

    Great editorial

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