Ready to Stand With Donald Trump Now?


Hat Tip to Bill DiBlasi

Ready to Stand With Donald Trump Now?

By Bob’s Donkey
September 15, 2o16

Finally, we’ve been defined! Thank you, duchess of Chappaqua. Let’s roll folks!!A nearly indicted candidate, legions of lock-step liberals, one failed and one failing POTUS, gaggles of DC and L Street geese, bought-and-owned progressive columnists, anchor-twits and propagandists, countless Occupier, Black Lives and other anarchists and increasingly fewer sourgrapes GOPers rain brimstone daily from their rickety perches onto the best hope our nation has for upending the obscenity that parades in the guise of Federal Government leadership. Brazen and contemptuous, knowing there will be no consequence for any corrupt action of theirs, these hacks bury We the People — now a/k/a The Deplorables — with scorn, indifference, cover-ups and daily lies, without a single pushback. As true Americans, We the People must end this massive affront NOW.

In an effort to balance these butchers’ thumbs weighed on cheaters’ scales, please consider thoughtfully Donald Trump’s rarely-discussed attributes. Each contains a strong element of truth. Each distances him — in dramatic fashion — from the Orwellian Big Sister he will face in November. And each deserves to be weighed fairly on the scale of human virtue. Yes, he has no political experience and therefore sometimes dreadful political manners. Yes, his lack of practiced oily avoidance uncovers a real man with stand-up opinions and a clumsiness in stating them. And yes, he has powerful attributes to be a great President at the moment one is sorely needed. Hillary cannot lead us.

The background for this election is 25 years of disgraceful performance by uncountable leaders; by rampant dishonesty that runs from the filthy pipes of Flint through the gutters of Chicago to the outhouses of the Attorney General and FBI Director to the filth-stained carpets of the White House to contaminate every government agency; by $20 trillion of debt and impending destitution while The Fed holds not a single winning card; by the scorn of all our enemies and the distrust of our every ally; and — as Priority One — by the urgency to assure that U.S. citizens will survive.

This is not an election of division. It is an election of multiplication, where triage teams of competent, well-led multi-taskers must move thoughtfully to size and fix so many failures. Only a fresh and proven achiever can lead this effort. The simple act of addressing first-priority challenges will itself ignite the nation’s rebirth as one of competence, discipline and worth. No one does this better than deplorable Americans, and it is exactly what such Americans crave now and…

…Donald Trump has exceptional qualifications for the job of President. Here are just twenty:

1. Donald Trump seeks excellence. He pursues it relentlessly and risks his name and fortune doing so every day. One can never distort reality in an arena where truth alone rules. There is no place to hide, as government naifs always do;

2. Donald Trump plays to win, even against the toughest challengers. Such a mindset — nowhere to be found in this government — builds confidence, perspective, sound judgment, prudent risk-taking and the patience to lead evenhandedly;

3. Donald Trump is a giver, not a taker. Unlike his challengers who’ve gorged on government feedbags for their entire careers, he has earned his own way, and helped tens of thousands earn theirs;

4. Donald Trump is beholden to no one. Chits that kingmakers hold over their toadies do not exist for him. Being free to decide what’s best brings life-saving fresh air to leveraged backrooms;

5. Donald Trump is a true patriot. His first goal is to “make America great again.” He is leaving a life of comfort to take on fatal challenges that others have caused or have let fester for years — challenges that cannot be put off any longer;

6. Donald Trump speaks the real truth. He may mess up on “gotcha” facts but his clarity on big-picture “must dos” is unparalleled in accuracy, urgency and priority;

7. Donald Trump is a pragmatist. Nothing can be swept under the rug. All factors must be visible and dealt with: the difficult, the easy, the prudent and the risky. When people say he bankrupted some businesses and shut down others, they surely understand such actions are legitimate and necessary. Always save what works and change what doesn’t. Imagine how vital our nation would be if previous leaders acted on that credo;

8. Donald Trump is extremely successful. His works bring great beauty and function to our lives while he faces extreme challenges from fearless competitors on the world stage. He is widely respected, acclaimed and emulated by them. Name a soul in Washington who can match in his or her lifetime what Trump has achieved. Only change agents grasp that achievement is the driveshaft of progress;

9. Donald Trump is a doer. He knows decisiveness and action win. Temporizing always loses, as the past eight years of “there will be consequences” mewling have shown;

10. Donald Trump is a visionary. His work proves he sees the grand picture, the uncompromised goal, and surrounds himself with experts to make those visions realities — and realities they do indeed become. Bureaucrats are crushed in such a crucible;

11. Donald Trump has his priorities right. Weasels rail about his lack of platform, but it is clear to see: accountability, security, jobs, rules, borders, military might and solvency. That’s a fine start;

12. Donald Trump has courage. He doesn’t draw lines and then cringe when they are crossed. Pummeled by every side, he stands up forcefully every time. No cut and run. That attribute alone will transform our leaderless vacuum: courage is a magnet for the brave. Offshore strongmen see and pause at that reality;

13. Donald Trump is a loyal ally. He doesn’t have to learn on the job what trust-withhonor does to build confidence and firm up alliances. He lives it every day with many partners. How urgently we need it as our allies lay prostrate as we pander to rowdies;

14. Donald Trump is honest. His candor may shock, but at the same time it destroys political correctness, which is the hiding place of cowards. His bluntness is killing PC and will disinfect those who preach it. They hate him for it. What’s not to love?;

15. Donald Trump’s leadership will attract the best performers. They are the ones who rush to join high-achieving leaders to be part of creating even more of them. This torrent of non-tainted talent flowing into Washington will wash away vast insipidity;

16. Donald Trump will not accept a bad deal. He is the acknowledged master of the art of the deal and clearly understands how good deals — and bad ones — happen. Do you doubt his acuity in dealing with an Ayatollah, dictator, terrorist, anarchist, Senator, or a provider who overcharges for shoddy work?;

17. Donald Trump loves hard-working, tax-paying loyal Americans. His warmth and humor shine through to us. His love for his family — its mannerliness, beauty and wholeness, and each member’s love for each other — amplifies our love for our own families. Shame flees from goodness to hide in darkness, so only good shines forth;

18. Donald Trump is selfless and compassionate. The stories of his spontaneous and private outreach to countless ordinary Americans to help them through their darkest hours are known to every American, and stand in the starkest contrast to the selfaccumulation and greed of his competitor;

19. Donald Trump is the rebirth of an American founding father: born of free enterprise; well-raised and -educated; committed to exceptional achievement; disdainful of glib lawyers, tribal politics and corruption; full of faults yet fearless; and filled with real zeal for the job of keeping America what our forebears hoped it always to be: the land of the free and the home of the brave;

20. Donald Trump is a true American who arrives on stage at a pivotal moment. Wild promises made to wheedle votes from people who never earned a freeenterprise nickel must end. Every loyal tax-paying American Deplorable understands that dreams come true only with clear vision, unified solutions, decisive action and fortitude. There is no free lunch. Hollow promises deliver only grief. The time has passed to dump today’s deceitful leadership for the one playing field where winning Americans know what real success looks like: them, when given the chance!

Make America Great Again.
Vote Donald Trump for President in November.

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The Deplorable author is a retired resident of Punta Gorda, FL, where he is active in 501(c)3 charities serving the poor and produces a bi-monthly newsletter on the subject of goodness, In 1969, he founded the first — which over 20 years became the largest — technology promotion firm in the nation. Through business mergers, he later served as managing director of a global technology firm, vice chairman of a leading Washington public affairs firm, and executive vice president and chief strategy officer of the world’s largest public relations organization. He is a God-fearing Christian, staunch American, loving husband, college graduate, former naval officer, very proud father of four well-educated children and eight still-being-educated grandchildren. He led firms that hired hundreds of people to high-reward jobs; paid into social security and paid income taxes every year without pause for over 60 years; and never sought or received any Federal entitlement. One must consider him a Deplorable of the worst sort.


  1. This delights me to read as well as offering encouragement and hope! I’ve been following Mr. Trump on Fox News long before he announced his candidacy and so admire his “out-of-the-box” moxy! How America needs this!!!! I will continue to pray for him. The Lord used St Paul in amazing ways–a persecutor of Christians! Who would have thought???!! He has my vote!

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