Do Not Stay Home Nov. 8


By Jim Dickson, Beaufort, September 24, 2016

If you are a Republican, who is unhappy about who won the nomination, or you’re a Democrat who is distrustful of, and disgusted by the candidate who did, or maybe you can’t stand either of them, here are six reasons why you should not stay home on Election Day.

1. Bernie Sanders has moved Ms. Clinton far to the left on climate change, socialized medicine, taxes, deficit spending, and forced the Democrats to adopt a Socialist platform, it’s not the Democratic Party you used to know.

2. Do you want Hillary Clinton to pick the next four Supreme Court Judges whose opinions will impact this country for the next fifty years? Think about it!

3. With a Clinton presidency and a liberal court, you could see the end of Second Amendment rights.

4. Whatever Ms. Clinton does, she will always be tainted by the ongoing scandals that have followed her throughout her life. She has been shown to be a chronic liar, and you will never be able to believe her… ever.

5. Our standing in the world has been seriously weakened. Ms. Clinton has been part of an ongoing disastrous foreign policy. Do you want more of the same for the next four years? Can we survive it?

6. And the most important reason; whatever Donald Trump is or may become, he is not Hillary Clinton!

If you stay home or vote for a third party candidate, it’s the same as a vote for Hillary. Don’t do it!

Paid for and authorized by the Beaufort County Republican Party.

Not Authorized by any Candidate or Candidate's Committee.