It’s More Serious Than That


By Jonathan Smith, September 30, 2016

If one would like a preview of a Hillary Clinton administration you have no further to look than Venezuela.

Extreme you say? Not really. In about a decade Venezuela has gone from a reasonably prosperous country with unlimited natural resources (oil) to anarchy, a barter economy, no food, no electricity, and faced with revolution and death for many of its people as that country’s most likely future. The cause? Class warfare and the magic of socialism.

It can’t happen here you say.

Have you heard about the 1%ers? Have you heard about income inequality? Have you heard anyone shout “no justice no peace”? Have you heard of race riots?

Have you been following our exploding debt? Have you been following the unending flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border feeding on welfare and social payment benefits?

Have you been following the ever increasing mountain of regulations driving businesses out of the country, imposing government restrictions and union like rules driving the cost of employment to an unsustainable level?

Have you been following the relentless drive of progressives to defame America and destroy respect for the nation, American values and patriotism? Have you watched the destruction of American government run education producing graduates without any understanding of history, American institutions, values, and founding principles? Have you watched the uncompromising assault on free speech, religious liberty, privacy, and the second amendment?

The virulent forces of social, economic, and political destruction are growing faster every year. If the foundation is demolished, the structure must fall.

Can it be that bad? With certainty if we do nothing, immutable economic forces will bring about an economic collapse. Can a society shorn of its values survive the resulting chaos? Ask yourself if the events following the 1929 crash was to happen today, are we strong enough to struggle through intact?

It can happen here. And it will happen here if the policies of the progressive left are not ended. Hillary Clinton is the new leader of this devastation. If she is elected president, the collapse becomes closer. It may take just 4 years or perhaps as many as eight to finalize the plan.

But surely the America that was the promise of liberty and justice for all will soon be only a memory if Hillary is elected.

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