The shaking, talking heads


By Stephen Schutz, October4, 2016

They just can’t understand how Trump could possibly be on the verge of winning the Presidency.

Many of the talking heads in the mainstream media claim to be shaking in bewilderment as to how Donald Trump won the Republican nomination and why he is not 50 points behind Hillary in the national polls. They claim to attribute Trump’s success to the fact that he has had media experience or that he has received tons of free media coverage (mostly negative, of course) or that he has the support of poorly educated bitter white people.

I have a suggestion that might help those in the media understand the root cause of Trump’s success. I propose the following. Have Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell introduce bills in congress; bills to be voted on before November 8; bills requiring a roll call vote; bills granting amnesty to all illegal aliens in the United States. If the politicians really think that Trump’s success has nothing to do with the issues, then they should feel free to vote their consciences on amnesty … before the November election.

I strongly suspect that, if put to a vote (which isn’t likely), those bills would be rejected with near unanimity. Even a large number of “compassionate” Democrat politicians would vote against amnesty. What is the point? The point is that Trump’s popularity has nothing to do with personalities and bitterness.

While the establishment elites may pretend otherwise they are, in fact, fully aware of the fact that Trump’s popularity is based on issues, not personalities. Trump’s strongest issues are illegal immigration, terrorists masquerading as refugees, bad trade deals, and most of all, corruption in government.

These are the issues that resonate with the American public for good reason.  The media are trying to make the campaign about Trump’s temperament, which is purely subjective, in an effort to pivot away from the issues.

The establishment, including the media, know exactly why Trump is where he is. It is the issues. And they are pretending to be baffled by Trump’s success in an effort to hoodwink the American electorate into voting against their own best interests.

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