Caution – When You Vote – Confirm Your Ballot


There have been reports of trouble with voting machines.

When casting your ballot on computerized voting machines you will be presented with the choice to vote a “STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET” or a straight other party (which will remain nameless) ticket. You will, as an alternative, also be able to vote for each individual candidate.

About voting straight REPUBLICAN ticket: it has been reported that if you vote the straight Republican ticket in South Carolina, there may be no vote recorded for Donald Trump but only for the down ticket Republicans. There are also reports in Texas Early Voting that voting the straight Republican Party ticket records a vote for Hillary Clinton. None of this has been verified but caution is indicated.

CONFIRM YOUR BALLOT. Check to make sure your vote has been recorded as you intended it to be.

As Reported:

This was in Shell Point today: ( Republican retired teacher friend ) “Ya’ll be careful about voting straight party, even though it seems the easiest and quickest. If you vote straight ticket and don’t make an individual selection for president, your vote for President won’t count. Also make sure to CONFIRM your presidential choice, whatever you do! Or it won’t count. When in doubt. ASK, as lots of folks were doing today!”

Also, I saw on TV that people in another State who voted for Trump, found the screen said they voted for Clinton when they confirmed their ballot, so check your ballot carefully!


  1. Caren Harvey says:

    AN so we as a county will be filing as VOTER FRAUD???? or are we going to wait until the results and then attempt to fix it.???

    • The “Straight Republican” option problem has not been verified. In person absentee ballots cast today (10/26/16) at the Bluffton Annex using the “Straight Republican” option worked just fine.

      This is not a verified case of voter fraud. It could be a mistake. It’s something to watch. As usual, use caution and verify that you cast the vote you intended. It is not time to panic or file charges.

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