The bottom line on Clinton


[A letter to the Editor from The Island Packet]

I will be voting for Donald Trump.

He may be crude and lewd but he is not a danger to my liberties. If he wins he will probably serve one term and leave the presidency for some younger man or woman to win and serve. My constitutional liberties will be protected for four more years.

In 2020, Hillary will not be a factor and perhaps the Democrats will nominate someone who is aware of how important and how unique our Constitution actually is.

Hillary is a crook, but I don’t care. Hillary is a liar, but I don’t care. Hillary has misused her office for personal gain, but, again, I don’t care. Hillary is a member of this governmental crime syndicate that is hell-bent on creating a one-party federal dictatorship, and I do care.

We should all care, but that’s your decision.

That’s why I’m voting for Trump. Four more years of America being a constitutional republic is more than good enough for me. Vote!




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