Landess Speaks to Lawmakers on Second Amendment


October 30, 2016

As you may know, state lawmakers have recently held a series of public hearings on potential gun control measures. The fourth and final hearing was held on Thursday night. Once again, Policy Council members and allies showed up in large numbers and made sure their elected officials heard from them.

SCPC president Ashley Landess testified at Thursday night’s hearing. Landess stressed the fact that the Second Amendment isn’t about mere gun ownership – it’s about Americans’ right to protect themselves. And she challenged lawmakers to ask themselves whether the gun control measures they’re promoting amount to a panicked, irrational reaction.

All this comes as the legislature gears up for the 2017 session – and you can be certain legislators will introduce several new gun control measures even before session officially begins. To get a sense of what kind of bills we’re likely to see, take a look at the gun-related bills in the 2016 Best & Worst of the General Assembly click here. (search the text for the word “gun”).

Also check out our policy team’s analysis of the past several years’ worth of gun legislation. click here.

And if you haven’t seen our analysis of the non-existent “gun death epidemic,”click here.


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