Inauguration Meetup at Corks Jan. 20


Beaufort County Republicans to hold Presidential Inauguration Meetup at Corks, Bluffton

Everyone likes to get together with people that share their interests. is an internet site that is designed to facilitate people getting together to meet with others who share common interests. Are you a kayaker, cycler, ballroom dancer, computer geek, or a Corvette lover? Chances are that has a group that caters to your interest.

We know that Republicans like to get together to meet other Republicans to discuss political stuff. So we have started the Beaufort County Republicans on The purpose is to create social events as opportunities for Republicans to get together in a convivial environment with no agenda, no speaker – just good people with food and beverages available.

Our first event is on inauguration day, Friday, January 20, 6:00 pm at Corks in Old Town, Bluffton.

Republicans have the presidency and a majority in the House and the Senate. It is an exciting time for Republicans with Hillary and Obama in the rear view mirror. For topics you have the mess left by the aforementioned, the Supreme Court, immigration and border control, Obamacare, foreign policy, taxes, big government, regulations on just about everything, State and local politics, and what can be done about any of these.

Republicans have opinions and something to celebrate. So let’s have an interesting and fun evening at Corks on Jan 20th.

Click here to go to Meetup,com, RSVP, and we’ll see you there.

Jon Smith
Central Region
Beaufort County Republican Party of South Carolina

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