Invitation – March Reorganization and the BCRP Convention

Consider this as your invitation to the BCRP Convention on April 22nd at Sun City as a delegate.

We organize precincts at the Reorganization meetings every other March in non-general election or odd numbered years. Perhaps now more than at any time we can remember it’s really important to get involved and organized.

You say “I’m not a delegate”. But you can be and you should. It’s really easy. Anyone can attend the Convention but only Delegates are eligible to vote.

At the County Convention, Delegates elected by the Precinct Committee members at Precincts Reorganization vote to elect the County Party Chairman, Vice chairman, and from among the Precinct Delegates, elect Delegates to the State Republican Party Convention to be held on May 13.

Why should you join a Precinct Committee or be a delegate. There are three good reasons.

1) The forces in opposition to all we hold dear are well organized, well financed, highly motivated, and on the attack with an unprecedented and angry vehemence.

The 2016 election gave us Republican majorities in the House and Senate, and a Republican in the oval office. We were rescued from the specter of a President Clinton. And the country changed direction. We cannot rest on our laurels or the gains of 2016 may be lost. It is time for all of us to get involved.

2) The biggest complaint by the electorate last year was “No one is listening!!!” Perhaps you haven’t been speaking to the right people. Becoming a Precinct Committee member is the easiest and most effective way to become involved. The Republican Party provides you and your neighbors with the structure and resources to give you a real voice.

3) If you ever wanted to be a delegate to the Republican National convention or participate in the selection of Delegates to that Convention, You must first be elected as a delegate by your Precinct Committee at Reorganization. There is no other way.

It is the goal of the Republican Party to organize each Precinct and form a Precinct Committees in each of the 91 Precincts in Beaufort County.

Click here to learn more about the role of the Precinct Committee.

All you have to do in order to be a delegate is be a Republican, a registered voter, and attend your precinct’s Reorganization Meeting. Each precinct has enough delegate slots so that each registered voter who is a Republican and attends will most likely be able to become a delegate to the County Republican Party Convention.

Your precinct is shown on your Voter Registration Card.

For the location and schedule of the Reorganization meeting for your precinct click here.

What happens at the Precinct Reorganization meetings?

Registered voters from each precinct who believe in Republican Party principles meet separately to elect officers and delegates for their Precinct Committee. (bring your voter registration card and Gov. photo ID)

If you can’t find your Voter Registration Card, don’t worry. We’ll look it up at the Reorganization Meeting.

The Precinct Committee officers are:

Precinct President – Chairs Precinct Committee meetings
Vice President – Acts in the absence of the President
Secretary – Signs and delivers necessary forms
Executive Committeeman – Represents the precinct at County Republican Party Executive Committee meetings
Delegates – The allotted number of Precinct Delegates elected by the Precinct Committee at the Reorganization then go to the County Convention.

At the County Convention (April 22) – Precinct delegates elect the County Chairman, Vice Chair and Delegates to the State Convention.

At the State Convention (May13) – State delegates elected at the County Convention elect the State Republican Party Chairman.

It doesn’t require a significant commitment of time or effort to become a member of your Precinct Committee.

It is critical to the success of the Republican cause that we attract Republicans to participate in their Precincts.

See you at your Precinct’s Reorganization meeting.


  1. greg graziani says:

    Id really like to get involved, but the times of the meetups are during my work hours. Is there any way I can meet up at other times?

    • If you are unable to make it to the Precinct Reorganization meeting for your precinct, there will be a makeup meeting on Wednesday, March 29 at Rose Hill Golf Club at 5:00 pm for all Beaufort County precincts.

      You may become a precinct committee member for your precinct at any time but to be a precinct officer you must be elected at the Reorganization Meeting.

      You may become a Precinct Delegate to the County Convention by attending the make up meeting or contacting the Regional Director for your precinct. Click on the officers tab to find the contact information for your Regional Director.

  2. Paula Power says:

    Good information and worth forwarding to others.

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