The Last Straw

This morning the front page of the Island Packet had an opinion piece labeled “Analysis” of President Trump’s State of the Union address from the Washington Post. It is no surprise that the Packet has published yet another front page editorial of Trump hating garbage.

The Washington Post, as you probably know, is the leading propaganda outlet of the left which is to say the Democrats, socialists, communists, resisters, and other anti American malcontents.

It is a sign of desperation that they would reach all the way down to a rinky dink local paper to get their anti-trump anti-Republican garbage distributed.

Today is the last straw. I’m cancelling my subscription.

This will be the final post in the BCRP Opinion page. We had hoped that you would use the page to express your opinions. That has not happened so we’ll soon be dropping the page from the Web Site and its mirror on Facebook.

If you want to know what I think and express your opinion, click here to visit my blog.

Illegitimi non carborundum

Jon Smith, February 1, 2018


  1. Vote NO on anything that this boe puts forth to the voters!

  2. Jon: You’re a good guy and a good soldier in the Republican Army, so I would not be bothered or take it personally if it seems this page has not worked out as intended. Perhaps you have learned what some of us elected folks learned — many people do not like to write!! Besides, most people, even good Republicans, are more likely to respond only when an event is imminent or they are engaged in a specific debate, such as the one some of us are engaged in regarding the BC Board of Education and the upcoming elections in November, where we have a chance to unseat five of the folks who seem to have a rubber-stamp attached to their voting hands. And then there’s that pesky BOE Referendum in April, which would give the BOE another $76 million to manage. Of course, it’s just money!!

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