GBRC Open Mic Mar 5

March Meeting – Open Forum
The Greater Bluffton Republican Club is pleased to announce that our next meeting will be held at Local Pie Bluffton at 15 State Of Mind St, Bluffton, SC on Monday, March 5, 2018.

The March meeting will be a straight business meeting and open floor for discussion.

Have an opinion on fake news? Let us know!
Have a question about the 2nd Amendment? Come and ask!
Want to vent about the School Board? We’re all ears!

NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS! Come and share your feelings with your friends at The Greater Bluffton Republican Club.

The meeting starts promptly at 5:45 P.M. Please come enjoy the beautiful venue while enjoying the fellowship of like-minded conservatives. The public is welcome.

Paul Runko
Vice President
Greater Bluffton Republican Club

Paid for and authorized by the Beaufort County Republican Party.

Not Authorized by any Candidate or Candidate's Committee.