George Wright Announcement of Candidacy for Beaufort County Auditor

George Wright Announcement of Candidacy for Beaufort County Auditor

Pledges to insure a seamless taxation process that serves Beaufort County’s taxpayers and local governments.

I am pleased and honored to announce my Republican primary candidacy for the office of Beaufort County Auditor.

I would like to begin by thanking my wife, family, friends and supporters for encouraging me to step forward and run for this office.

I am also very grateful to the members of my committee who have joined my team and look forward to a positive campaign, meeting citizens and tackling the challenges that arise.

I do not take this decision lightly. The Beaufort County Auditor’s office plays a vital role in the process of local taxation that includes the Beaufort County Assessor’s and Treasurer’s Offices, and directly impacts the County’s municipalities, school districts, fire districts and other public service districts. These local governments, as well as our taxpayers, rely on the Auditor’s Office to correctly audit and maintain the tax roll.

The tax roll is simply a listing of all the property and assets in Beaufort County that should be taxed and excludes any assets that should not be taxed. Correctly auditing the tax roll ensures reliable tax revenues for our County’s local governments and accurate tax bills for our taxpayers. There should be nothing more precise or transparent than the taxation process.

When a taxpayer receives a property tax bill they should be able to expect that the information is correct; that their property values are accurate, and the millage rates being charged are appropriate.

When an agency is evaluating their annual budgetary needs and the tax rate (or millage) they need to charge, they should be able to rely on the completeness of the tax roll and use it as a reliable indicator of the tax revenues they can expect to receive; this data should be free of invalid revenues and inaccurate property accounts.

Every local government and taxpayer in Beaufort County is entitled to these things but it requires seamless team work with all the offices involved and leaders with the aptitude to carry out the taxation process.

My life experiences include service to our nation in the United States Marine Corps for 20 years and service to our County in Beaufort County Government for the last 14 years. In the Marine Corps, I learned the importance of quality leadership and team work as well as honed my ability to instruct and guide teams through some of the most complex, technological systems in the military.

Most recently, I have been the Beaufort County Deputy Treasurer for the last three years. Preceding that, I served in the IT Department providing direct data and support services as well as training for the Assessor’s, Auditor’s and Treasurer’s Offices. Throughout my years with Beaufort County, I have been instrumental in the conduct of the taxation process. Using my expertise and first-hand knowledge, I have the ability and desire to ensure that the Auditor’s Office becomes a professional partner with the County’s team.

I am very thankful to have had these experiences as they provided me with a clear understanding of how the work conducted by each office depends on cooperation as well as the timeliness and accuracy of their reported data.

As Auditor I have three primary priorities:

    1. Accuracy — The entire taxation process revolves around accuracy and is one of the most important aspects of the Auditor’s role. I will deliver reliable property values, correct tax calculations, appropriate millage rates and accurate tax bills.

    2. Transparency — Trust in government and the taxation process starts with transparency. Not only will I make data and forms convenient and available online, I will also publish our policies online so the County’s taxpayers know what to expect when interacting with the Auditor’s Office and feel confident that their matters are being handled equitably.

    3. Leadership — A successful taxation process is only possible by maintaining high standards of leadership and fostering collaborative partnerships. Through proven leadership and long standing inter-departmental relationships, I will transform the Auditor’s Office into a positive, constructive partner that works with Beaufort County’s governments and for Beaufort County’s taxpayers.

Given my commitment to fulfilling the responsibilities of the Beaufort County Auditor through the effective implementation of these priorities – Wright is the right choice for Beaufort County Auditor

To learn more about my candidacy and the Auditor’s Office of the future:

    • visit my website at – OR;

    • contact me at 843-812-0349 OR;

    • write to my campaign email at – OR;

    • if you would like me to attend an event or set up a meeting with me, contact me at – Scheduler@WrightforA uditor. corn.

– – Campaign Committee – –
“Wright is the Right Choice”

Mary Amonitti
Bonnie Canova
Peggy Geraghty
Johnny & Candy Harvey
Joanie Heyward
Doug Henderson
Kevin Hennelly
Gary Kubic
Jim Lee
Dennis Nielsen
Gail O’Kane
Roberts Vaux

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