H-4418 A Bill To Allow Republican Party Voter Registration

Drew McKissick

From Drew McKissick
Chairman South Carolina Republican Party

Fellow Republican,

Do you believe that you should have the option to identify yourself as a Republican when you register to vote?

Currently, South Carolinians are NOT allowed to choose which political party they affiliate with when they register to vote, but we are working to change that!

We have a bill pending in the State House (H-4418) that would give you that option. And we already have 49 co-sponsors!

We have also added a referendum on partisan voter registration to our upcoming June primary ballot to let Republicans speak out on this issue!

But we need your help to continue to push it!

Liberals are constantly taking advantage of our current laws. Just last week we had a known supporter of Democrat-socialist Bernie Sanders file to run in our First Congressional District Primary.

Believe it or not, the law doesn’t let us stop him from running as a Republican. It’s insane!

It’s a simple matter of whether or not people have the right to associate and work together with people who share their beliefs. We believe that they do. And we believe that political parties do too!

If you agree, will you invest in helping us promote this issue today?

Your help makes it possible for us to spread the word to other Republicans around the state and make this a reality.

Thanks so much!

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