Update on Katie Arrington Jun 24


Please see below an update on Katie Arrington as of 7:00 PM EST on Sunday, June 24, 2018 that was posted on her Facebook Page. :

Katie Arrington had two major surgeries today – the first to complement the initial surgery performed Friday night on her abdomen. The second surgery was for the spinal fracture. The first surgery began at 8:30 AM EST and finished at 11:30 AM EST. The second surgery began around noon and completed at 6:00 PM EST. Both surgeries went extremely well.

With the second surgery, the fracture, the spinal cord impingement and the instability were all addressed, went very well, and with no complications.

The doctors have made it clear that, despite the fact that all of the injuries were very serious and all surgeries were very complicated, Katie will have no neurological deficits or limitations moving forward. And, she is expected to be out of bed and walking as early as the next few days.

Katie may require one more minimal procedure, but that is not certain at this time. It is still expected that Katie will remain in the hospital for the next two weeks and will make a full recovery.

Katie’s family is extremely humbled and grateful for the outpouring of prayers and support, as they know the prayers have been an extremely important part of this healing. They respectfully ask for continued prayers, including that of support for the family of Helen White, prayers of thanksgiving for the medical staff treating Katie and Jackie Goff, and prayers for continued improvement for both Katie and Jackie.

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