JUNE 28, 2018 – Update on Katie Arrington



Katie Arrington was moved out of ICU last night. Her physical therapy session today went extremely well and was twice as long as yesterday’s session. Katie knows these sessions are important steps toward her return to serving and fighting for the Lowcountry.

I will keep updating you as I get more information.

Sherri Zedd, Chairman
Beaufort County Republican Party

And a message from Katie’s Campaign Manager:

This is Michael Mulé, and I wanted to share with you an update on Katie, following last Friday’s fatal car accident.

We have been working with the press since Friday night to ensure their reporting is accurate and as up-to-date as possible, but I wanted to provide an additional update.

Katie sustained serious injuries, has had very complicated surgeries, and WILL MAKE A FULL RECOVERY.

As her doctors have stated, Katie’s strength and determination have already been contributing factors in the recovery process.

I wanted to write this email to personally thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement.

As we all know, Katie is as tough as they come. She is a fighter. Those traits and your prayers, support, and encouragement are helping her on the road to recovery.

As Senator Tim Scott said in a press conference at MUSC on Monday, Katie lives to serve. And, she is already working hard to recover, so she can be back in service as quickly as possible.

The doctors anticipate a two-week stay in the hospital. When Katie was told that on Saturday, she gestured for a pen and paper and wrote the words, “two weeks, and I’m back at it.”

As you can tell, she continues to remain positive, optimistic, and focused.

She will be back on the campaign trail soon, where she hopes to see you all. Until then, you can expect to see great leaders and her dear friends like Senator Tim Scott as surrogates at events.

And, until then, I am hopeful you will continue to keep in your prayers Katie, her friend Jackie Goff, and the late Helen White.

Thank you. God Bless.


  1. Richard Geraghty says:

    From the brief few times I got to see you action your recovery attitude doesn’t surprise me. Well keep praying and stay redact to keep your campaign moving forwards.

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