Katie Arrington Needs Your Support

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The progress she’s making in her recovery is incredible. She is determined to get back on the trail, get back to 100%, and fight with everything she’s got to WIN this race and fight for the 1st District!

Here’s a new picture that Katie wanted us to share it with you.

Katie’s on the mend. But she WILL face challenges, and she can’t do it all alone, friend.

She needs EVERY Republican and conservative on board to ramp back up and take on the Pelosi Democrats and their LIBERAL, anti-freedom, and pro-abortion special interest allies!

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Katie Arrington is tough, friend. We saw that shine through in her GOP primary victory just days before the accident, and she’s got a record to back it up too.

** She is going to continue persevering, DETERMINED to take on the challenges ahead… she needs all the help we can gather! Even a few dollars will be a HUGE help right now.

YOU KNOW the Pelosi Democrats are going to continue coming after Katie soon. It’s just a matter of time and we MUST be prepared. We expect Katie to be back in the trail in a matter of just a week or so.

Thank you again for your prayers and support for Katie.

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