MayDay Mayday Mayday This is an Emergency

There are less than 30 days remaining until the Nov. 6 2018 Mid Term Election and we need your help.

Despite all the motivational assistance Democrats have provided the GOP with the debacle they made of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearings, not all Republicans and Republican leaning independents have been paying attention to the despicable acts of the Democrats in their unconscionable attempt to smear Judge Kavanaugh.

And even after the votes placed him on the Supreme Court they are still at it. Their tantrum at losing in 2016 and losing again in the Kavanagh battle continues.

We need your help to remind all Republicans to be sure to vote and make sure they know that they can cast their ballot now with In Person Absentee voting.

We need you to help us staff the phones to call Republicans. We have the lists and we have an automated phone system that you can use. It’s easy. You can even make the calls from home with your computer. You can also join others at our Campaign Headquarters. The system will dial the number of a Republican and provide you with a brief script. No arguing with Democrats required. You will be calling a Republican as a friendly reminder to VOTE.

Unless you want another 2 years of Impeach, Impeach, Impeach, Russia, Russia, Russia, screeds against Trump, and all the rest of the dirty tricks the Democrats with their media allies piling on, help us Get Out The Vote.

And then, of course, there is the end of the America we love if these jackals get in power.

We have to push back and the only way we can do that is to win in November. Screaming and yelling like Democrats won’t do it. Winning will and we can do that with your help.

It’s Easy and you can do it on your schedule. Stop in to our office at 108 Traders Crossing Rd. in Okatie. That’s just off Hwy 170 near Hwy 278 in back of Parkers and Goodyear Auto.

Or call Debra Schutz
843-683-1385 or send her an email:


Paid for and authorized by the Beaufort County Republican Party.

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