Allan Wilson Republican Attorney General

It’s critically important that the state’s chief prosecutor has the overwhelming support of the law enforcement leaders we work with every day to keep our communities safe.

It means the world to me that the law enforcement community, including both Democrats and Republicans, overwhelmingly supports my campaign for re-election.

Our campaign is supported by three-quarters of South Carolina’s current sheriffs, both Democrat and Republican former Attorneys General, and 11 current and former solicitors – all people who are and have been charged with enforcing the rule of law, and prosecuting criminals.

A huge majority of South Carolina’s law enforcement leaders support one candidate for Attorney General for a reason: they know I will have their back when it’s time to lock up dangerous criminals.

As the only prosecutor in the race, I have the experience it takes to put the worst criminals away.

Thank you,

Alan Wilson
Attorney General


  1. Jeanie Canham says:

    I am all in not much more to say!

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