Migrant Invasion

Fellow Republicans,

Thousands of potential illegal immigrants are traveling through Mexico and threatening to storm across our country’s southern border.

It’s an INVASION, pure and simple.

Just months ago, leading Democrats were demanding that ICE, our nation’s immigration enforcement agency, should be abolished. Now they’re not only unwilling to defend America’s borders, their silence is consent to erasing our nation’s borders completely.

They think it’s OK to allow thousands of illegals to demand entry into our country and access to our tax-dollars…adding more cost to our law enforcement, education and health care systems.

We need your voice to be heard!

Join our campaign to stand with President Trump and the Republican team that will DEFEND our borders and keep Nancy Pelosi and the liberal extremists OUT of power!

The next 10 DAYS are critical. Your help can make ALL the difference!

Take a moment right now and add your name to the list of those who stand for enforcing our nation’s immigration laws.


Drew McKissick
State Chairman


  1. scott miller says:

    Me and my friends are ready to come to help if needed, just let us no

    • Scott-

      We need help now placing campaign signs especially for Katie Arrington.. Beginning Monday we need get out the vote callers for automated phone program through laptop, ipad, or smartphone. Stop by the campaign office at 108 Traders Cross, Okatie. Open 10-5 weekdays and 1- 5 weekends.Its in the office building behind Parkers and the Goodyear store off Hwy 170 near Hwy 278.

      Please call 843-929-5813 if you and your friends can help. Critical campaign, critical election.

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