Local Democrats Back Republican Candidate Katie Arrington for Congress

Local Democrats back Republican candidate Katie Arrington for Congress

by ABC News 4, Wednesday, October 3rd 2018

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCIV) — Citing her background as a self-made businesswoman, several African-American Democratic community leaders announced their support for Katie Arrington, a Republican candidate for Congress.

A press conference was held at St. Andrew’s Park and Playground in West Ashley on Wednesday.

“A lot of folks have taken our votes for granted,” said Charleston-area businessman Jerome Heyward. “I will be blunt – Democrats have taken us for granted for a long time. They just assume the master leaver still works, and that’s gone. The master leaver is long gone. Today, we stand united, and we shall not be moved. We have businessmen and businesswomen supporting the candidate that we think suits the job, and that is Katie Arrington.”

Moncks Corner business owner and contractor Joey Jefferson, also the son of Democratic State Representative Joe Jefferson, said, “I have found in her a genuine person. I’ve found in her a person who has struggled. I’ve found in her a person who has had to take several steps backward in order to go forward – things that we all can relate too. We stand with Katie.”

Christian Rainey, who runs a non-profit working to stop domestic violence, highlighted Arrington’s experiences in his endorsement.

“I am supporting Katie because she understands struggle,” said Rainey. “She understands the life of a person who wasn’t born with everything. She knows what it feels like to stand in line for assistance. She knows what it feels like to not have. And she is not someone trying to sympathize with you; she is somebody that can empathize and has walked the same path that you walked.”

“It is not about the Democrat Party or Republican Party,” continued Rainey.“ The only thing I can do is support the best candidate, who I feel is Katie Arrington because she believes and walks the walk. She is going to go up there, fight for us, and be successful.”

Also attending the press conference in support of Arrington were business owners and church leaders including Calvin Whitfield, Rene Massey, Samitria Gailliard, Quinton Heyward, Melinda Dingle and Michelle Stent.

Arrington’s prepared remarks acknowledged their similarities in background.

“Many of these leaders and I share commonality in our past in that we have had to work for everything we have. We have overcome adversity to make better lives for our families. And, we never, ever take anything for granted,” she said. “I’m grateful for the support of these leaders because most are Democrats, lifelong Democrats – standing tall and strong at the risk of ridicule from their party members to endorse me.”

Video of Democrats endorsing Katie Arrington

Arrington faces Democrat Joe Cunningham at the polls in November.

Cunningham said he’s been endorsed by former Vice-President Joe Biden.

He’s also been endorsed by local coastal mayors for his opposition to offshore drilling and seismic testing: Patrick O’Neil of Sullivan’s Island, Billy Keyserling of Beaufort, Miriam Green of Awendaw, Tim Goodwin of Folly Beach and Jimmy Carroll of Isle of Palms.

President Donald Trump tweeted his endorsement of Arrington in the primary election against former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

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