President Donald J. Trump Calls Lowcountry Voters in Support of Katie Arrington

CHARLESTON, SC – Moments ago, a robo call from President Donald J. Trump was sent to Lowcountry voters, urging them to support State Representative and Republican Nominee for Congress (SC-1) Katie Arrington on Tuesday.

The transcription of the message is:

“Hello this is President Donald Trump.

We are getting great things done in our country. The massive tax cuts I signed into law were the largest in our nation’s history and helped create more than 4 million new jobs. Strong conservatives Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch now sit on the United States Supreme Court, despite the Democrats’ disgusting character attacks on these fine people. We have great new trade deals, a wall being built on the border, the strongest military we have ever had; and we are taking care of our Vets, including Veterans Choice.

But Nancy Pelosi is trying to elect radical liberals to Congress to turn back all the great things we have been doing and are going to do. If Pelosi’s Democrats win in November, these radical liberals will raise your taxes, take away seniors’ medicare, and open our border to crime and to drugs.

We can’t afford Pelosi liberal Joe Cunningham in Congress. He will raise your taxes. He doesn’t care about healthcare. He has so many problems in so many different ways.

Liberal Democrat Joe Cunningham may be good for Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, but he will be terrible for South Carolina. And, as you know, I know South Carolina very well – great people.

We need Katie Arrington in Congress to keep our America First Agenda moving ahead.

Katie is very, very good at every subject but a real pro at healthcare, our military, our vets, our 2nd Amendment. She wants to keep it strong. She wants to keep it powerful. She will take care of the people of South Carolina. She loves South Carolina.

There’s only one way to keep Making America Great Again, and that is by electing people like Katie Arrington to Congress. Katie has done a fantastic job. We are very proud of her. We need her in Washington, D.C.”

In response to the call by President Trump, Katie Arrington said:

“The President is right – I am truly prepared to serve the Lowcountry and will work tirelessly to support the conservative agenda of lower taxes, more jobs, a secure border, protection of the sanctity of life, defense of the 2ndAmendment, and a rebuilt infrastructure. My opponent is a liberal and does not represent our Lowcountry values, particularly on taxes, the economy, border security, the life of the unborn, and our 2ndAmendment. My opponent will also never have a seat at the table, like I will, on the important discussions of infrastructure.”

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