We did it! Due to the hard work and commitment of all of you we had a very successful election in Beaufort County and secured another sweep of all Statewide Constitutional offices.. I am so proud of the work we did together.. This was an important election for our state, county and country.

There was a huge voter turnout for a midterm election – 71,329 voters or 58.25 % of all eligible voters. Republicans led in straight ticket voting. 18,550 to 26,611 (41.37% to 59.12%) Our hard work in the campaign offices generated a large portion of this turnout.. Although Katie Arrington lost the race for the First Congressional District, Beaufort County was her strongest county with 54.25% of voters voting for her.

However, we also need to be cognizant that the Democrats also greatly increased their turnout, which was a factor in their capturing the First Congressional District seat. The Indivisibles and other Democrats are strongly motivated by their opposition to President Trump. In coordination with a national organization, whose mission is to elect more Democrats and flip national, state and local legislative bodies from red to blue, the Beaufort County Democrat Party fielded many more candidates than they have in the past and we believe they will have even more candidates running in 2020. I’ve attached a spreadsheet of Beaufort County results. We won or retained: all SC Constitutional offices; all Republican SC House Seats; all Beaufort County-wide offices and all Beaufort County Republican Council seats.

We really appreciate that so many of you helped us in so many ways. Below is brief overview of things the BCRP accomplished with your help:

• Public Forums held for all candidates for key local, state and federal offices
• Many BCRP Web postings advertising campaign events and providing insight into the candidates.
• Coordination with Press
• Coordination with all area Republican Clubs

• Worked closely with South Carolina Republican Party (SCGOP)
• Coordinated with the SCGOP Victory efforts
• Held Campaign Workshop with the SCGOP Chairman and Executive Director for Beaufort and Jasper County GOP leaders
• Operated two Beaufort County Republican Campaign Headquarter — Bluffton-Jasper-Beaufort and Hilton Head Island
• Worked closely with all Republican Candidate campaigns
• Coordinated with Hilton Head Island Republican Club and Arrington campaign on massive, successful Election Eve rally for Katie Arrington featuring Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Gilfoyle.
o This event was organized in about 29 hours.
• Many candidate events were held in various locations around the county.
o These events required a great deal of coordination due to the multiple locations as well as scheduling, publicizing and press coverage.
o Some of the stand-out events, that were very well attended included: both Campaign Headquarters Grand Openings; Breakfast with Senator Lindsey Graham; and two campaign events for Governor Henry McMaster.
o The Hilton Head Island Campaign Headquarters held weekly candidate and issue events
• Get Out the Vote (GOTV) calls to all hard and weak Republicans in every Beaufort County precinct.
• Participated in the SCGOP automated GOTV Call Effort (I-360)
• Coordinated with the press on multiple events and issues
• Assisted with speakers for various Republican meetings
• Posted multiple up-to-date articles on issues and events on the BCRP website (, as well as candidate information.
• Maintained BCRP Facebook Page
• Developed a comprehensive REPUBLICAN email list. This list presently contains 14,000 emails. The BCRP will continue to build this list so that Republican message can be widely disseminated.
o Sent our first 10 targeted email messages this fall
• Expanded and improved our use of technology and social media
• Recruited 200+ volunteers between the two Campaign HQ
• Organized 6+ door knocking sessions.
• Held 10+ sign waves
• Mailed over 2,000 GOTV postcards to promote absentee voting, particularly in-person absentee vote
• Contacted all Republicans who moved into Beaufort County to ensure that they were registered to vote
• Bought paid ads for Beaufort County Candidate team in 4 key publications

As we celebrate our victories we need to be aware that 2020 is right around the corner. We are now in the run-up to a Presidential election and 2020 is predicted to be a hard fought battle against Democrats and Indivisibles who are strongly motivated by their obsessive hatred of President Trump.. Therefore, we must use this next two years to increase our effectiveness.


Beaufort and South Carolina Democrats are also energized because of their First Congressional District victory. We will be keeping a close eye on Congressman-Elect Cunningham and we will be informing Beaufort County Republicans about his votes that do not reflect the views of the First Congressional District. He may have publicly postured that he will not vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker – this is window dressing. As shown from the voting records of Democrats elected from Conservative areas in 2006, these Representatives were only allowed to sporadically take a Conservative vote. Pelosi cracks the whip and distributes favors to get legislation passed but if she has enough votes to win, she will occasionally allow a Representative to vote contrary to the Democrat Party’s position. Even if Pelosi is not elected as Speaker, Democrats will still be united and the party’s House Members will be expected to vote in lock step with the leadership.

I’d like to thank the BCRP Officers and the Presidents of Republican Clubs in Beaufort County as well as the Jasper County Republican Party. In addition, Debra Schutz and the Women for Trump also volunteered in many areas — their efforts and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated.

As we begin the process of planning and organizing we hope you will renew your BCRP membership, recruit new members, volunteer and keep informed by frequently visiting our web site.

Again, thank you for your support. Onto 2020!!

Sherri Zedd, Chairman
Beaufort County Republican Party


  1. Jocelyn Staigar says:

    Great job Sherri. Your a fantastic leader!

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