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November 19, 2018

Dear fellow South Carolinians,

Hurricane Florence Update
At the end of last week, I partnered with Lindsey Graham, Senator Richard Burr and Senator Thom Tillis to request additional disaster relief for areas still struggling in the wake Hurricane Florence. It will take many years to rebuild the Carolinas, requiring the combined efforts of state and federal agencies. It is our hope and request that emergency appropriations for states effected by Hurricane Florence be included in the next appropriations bill the Senate considers. You can read more here.

Criminal Justice Reform
Last Wednesday, the White House announced its support behind a bipartisan criminal justice reform package that included the First Step Act, which I was proud to co-sponsor. The First Step Act takes concrete measures to reduce recidivism, improve the reentry process for prisoners as they transition back into society, lower costs, and a variety of other steps that will both keep our streets safer and help ensure former inmates have a path to success after serving their debt to society. I am thrilled to see the President throw his support behind meaningful criminal justice reform. You can read my full statement here and watch the announcement here.

Coast Guard Reauthorization Act
For years, I’ve worked to ensure that the Coast Guard Air Facility in Charleston stays open and fully functional. That’s why, last week, I was happy to see the passage of the Coast Guard Reauthorization Act which will ensure the security of the Coast Guard Air Facility.

Our state is blessed to have not only a beautiful coastline—but a useful one. Countless industries depend on safe and navigable waters off the coast of South Carolina to do their business, and as a proud military state, we know that the Coast Guard needs to have a presence in the Lowcountry to perform this critical mission every day.



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