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Thank you for visiting the Beaufort County South Carolina Republican Party Web Site.

The intent of this web site is to enhance communication between the County Party, its membership, County Republican Clubs, elected officials, and the public.

We strive to create an informed electorate by providing information on Party actions, activities, events, and legislative and electoral news at the local state and federal level. We hope to connect voters with each other and their elected officials by providing information and useful links to your representatives at all levels of government and to the government agencies we pay for.

The goal of the Party is, of course, to elect Republicans and in so doing to promote Republican principles as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and codified by the US Constitution.

This site is intended to facilitate those things necessary for the party to be successful. Most important is motivating people to join in efforts to strengthen the Party.

We are the party of individual liberty and responsibility. Do not accept the notion that because you have just one vote you have no power. That may be true if all you do is vote and is certainly true if you do not vote at all. The squeaky wheel gets the oil and the louder the squeak the greater the oil applied.

Each of us can have tremendous influence on those we elect to represent us. They rely on your vote to get them into office and then to keep them there. If we sit idly by and pay no attention, they are free to do whatever they wish and we may not like what they wish to do. If on the other hand we stay informed and don’t hesitate to call, email, or meet with them, they will pay attention especially if we act in concert with others.

One of the functions of this site is to help you and others to be heard and to be heard “loud and clear”. One way is to get to know your elected representative, provide the resources to become informed, and to know what your representative has been and will be doing on your behalf. Never forget; They work for you.

Find the ‘Contact Your Legislator’ section. Click and you will open a page with links to your state and federal legislators and a list of Beaufort County Council members and their contact information. You will also find a link to ‘GovTrack’ where you can find out how each US Senator and House Representative voted on each bill, procedure, or resolution. You will be able to find the text of each of those bills as well.

If you click on any state legislator, you will bring up the legislator’s official State Web page. here you will find how to contact the legislator by phone or email. Here you will also be able to find out how that legislator voted on each issue before them on the floor of the Statehouse. Google search the bill number and you will have the full picture.

On the top menu bar click on ‘Officers’ for contact information for County Party Officers. Click on ‘Affiliates’ will provide County Republican Club information.

Click on the GOP Calendar to find out what events and meetings are scheduled. We will do our best to keep the Calendar up to date so you can see when and where Republican Clubs are meeting and when and where County Council meets. Most events will have a Google Map link to help you locate the event.

And of course we would like you to click on ‘Volunteer’, fill out the form and let us know if you would be interested in helping out.

Use the ‘Contact’ button to give us your comments and suggestions.

Then there is ‘Join/Renew/Contribute’. Here is where you can really help by joining the County Party and contributing some of your hard earned dollars. We try to make that easy by providing “Pay on Line” by credit card or E-Check. Don’t worry, it’s secure and encrypted.

If you prefer to join, renew your membership, or contribute by check, click on ‘Membership Application’, print and fill out the application and mail it in.

Finally there is the News Section broken down into three columns: GOP Club News, Beaufort County News, and South Carolina News. We will try to keep this current by posting articles from our clubs and state and local news sources relevant to the political world.

We will let Cable News Handle the National and International News. The intent of the articles is to keep you informed on what is happening in your local political world and this may not always precisely reflect the official position of the Executive Committee of the Beaufort County Republican Party.

We hope you find the web site useful and informative. Click on Contact and let us know what you think.

Thank you again for visiting.

Sherri Zedd


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