Help to build a strong Republican Party

The success of the Republican Party depends on a strong and active membership. Your membership strengthens the party and increases its influence. You are an American and you are important. Our nation has a long history of threats to the American experiment in self government. We have survived to be the envy of the world because when threats loomed we have come together. It is no different today. Our system of government is threatened from within and from violence abroad. Our continued survival depends on an informed and responsible electorate.

Your participation is not just important it is essential. Our nation is divided and becoming more so every day. We have a clear choice in the path to the future. Do we follow the path of individual liberty and responsibility set by the founders or do we follow the path of the parasite in search of some vague form of collective Utopia. It is a stark choice. It’s an easy one to make.

The Republican Party represents the only rational path to the future. It’s your future and your children’s future that’s on the line. You may not agree with everything the Republican Party does, but you do agree with its principles and you can help to guide the Republican Party and the nation.

Be a Precinct Committeeman
To really get in on the ground floor and become an active and influential Republican you should consider becoming a precinct member. Click here to learn more about precincts.

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